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Welcome to The Sky Mentor – the best place in the Sky!

The Sky Mentor is your place to help others and for others to help you – Mentoring put simple is to use a skill or piece of knowledge you have, to help others enable themselves in a similar area. It doesn’t mean you sit and teach them every step – it means simply put that you give them guidance and direction on how to gather the knowledge and how to utilize it.

Is mentoring not only for geniuses?

Like learning, mentoring is for everyone anywhere, everyone have knowledge in one area or another that someone somewhere else in the world would like to understand – with The Sky Mentor we simply wishes to enable people with similar interests and passions in life to  be able to find like minded people.

Have you ever….?

Have you got a particular passion or area of interest, that you feel alone with? few people around you understand or appropriated the value or importance that you put on this?
Many very driven people often struggle to find simular people with the same interests and that is the core purpose of The Sky Mentor.

How can you mentor someone remotely?

Frequently meeting up with a mentor face to face is fantastic! and something worth doing when possible – but new technologies have enabled us to communicate very effectively through both video calls and chat’s and more frequently with the use of phones everywhere. As mentoring is all about helping, guiding and learning, this does not need to happen with two people in the same room.

Getting started with The Sky Mentor

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